Interactive Projectors

Bring a Floor, a Desktop or even a Wall ALIVE

Transform your areas into a stimulating interactive wonderland with the use of our Portable Interactive Projection Equipment. Equipped with LUMOplay Interactive software, you can create multiple opportunities for play, learning, exercise, and even de-escalation. Simply moving on or over the area will trigger mesmerizing visual reactions that are sure to engage, stimulate and excite, as well as provide physical activity.

How it Works

Imagine the floor or desktop covered in water and fish of all sizes swimming about. Walk on water and watch the fish scurry away for cover. Step into a ball pit full of coloured balls and watch them float away as you wander about or pass on through. Start one of the interactive games like “Pop the Balloon’s“ or play the “Cat Face Piano”. With over 200 apps available for our interactive projection equipment, all of this is possible without even stepping outside.

Combined with state-of-the-art technology, our system utilizes a physical projector unit and holds a high internal capacity for data storage. Interaction is made possible through motion sensors that are responsive to body movement, gestures, and physical touch. It will even track wheelchair motion!

All units are portable, with specific models designed for only floors, floors and desktops, or a combination of a floor, desktop and wall.

Just Have Fun!

Interactive projection translates into real-time responses to unleash exploration, learning, socialization, communication, motor skills, proprioception and body movement in each and every session, for users of all ages. Images, sounds, and music are also great tools to help combat feelings of isolation, boredom, and apathy. With our interactive projectors, you have the ability to customize which games, activities, and interactive images will be used to engage the imaginations of the room’s users. After all, each person is different and will have varying special interests.

If you would like to incorporate one of our projection systems into your school, entertainment, recreational or care facility, contact us today for information and a quote.

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