Education and School Facilities

Schools are bustling places filled with learning, growth, and lifelong friendships. For some students, especially those with sensory processing disorders or other special needs, all that busyness can greatly impact their ability to fully enjoy and participate in school activities. That’s why we offer our sensory products and design services to educational facilities across the province of Alberta.

Creating a Safe Space

Sensory rooms in schools are therapeutic investments that create the opportunity for both immediate and long-term outcomes. They are places where students and staff alike may find calmness as well as safely explore their senses in a relatively unrestricted setting. The most common benefits include:

  • Increased concentration and focus
  • De-escalated incidents
  • Sensory integration, ie: touch, sight, and hearing
  • Improved socialization skills
  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Crisis mitigation

A Room for Everyone

Special educators and other support staff may use this room for both mitigation and learning. Students who are experiencing crises, such as meltdowns, can use the space to recenter themselves and reset their senses without the use of physical restraints which often trigger more traumatic episodes. Beyond these urgent needs, our calming rooms are designed for people of all neurotypes to interact with bubble tubes, projectors, and more to ultimately develop a deeper understanding of their own senses. In this way, even adults can use this space.

Due to budgetary constraints, traditional, sit-down classrooms are a reality for most Albertan schools. Unfortunately, this system can be counterproductive for some students.  Sensory rooms allow space for our next generation to take control and explore their own environments at their own pace. As a result, these rooms are a great resource for schools and other educational facilities to not only manage special needs, but to help their students thrive. 

If you would like to set up a sensory room at your school or facility, contact our team today! 

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