Sensory Rooms

We design, install and service complete Sensory room packages; we also supply items to supplement the Sensory development and learning process.

Education & School Facilties

As a place for growth and interaction alongside learning, many students are often in need of an calm and safe space separate from the rest of the bustle of the classroom, whether they have sensory processing disorders or not. Sensory rooms have increased in popularity at schools across the country as a therapeutic investment and means for schools to better accommodate their students.

Healthcare & Medical Facilities

Mental health and comfortable spaces for people with special needs and sensory processing disorders are of great importance in healthcare facilities. A sensory room can be integrated with various forms of treatment and can be tailor-made for the benefit of patients, as well as patient-personnel relationships. Sensory rooms are shown to have positive effects when utilized in medical settings.

Welfare & Addiction Facilities

Patients rehabilitating from addiction and extended mental health struggles, or those living or working spaces otherwise intended to supply a comfortable and calming space, can find great benefit in a sensory room.

Residential & In-Home Rooms

While sensory rooms have seen a rise in use in schools, medical facilities, rehabilitation centres, and more, they also have a space in your home. Whether someone in the family has sensory processing issues, dementia, or just needs to relax after a hard day of work, sensory rooms can provide huge benefits to your home.

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