Healthcare and Medical Facilities

Our sensory rooms can be used in a variety of healthcare and medical facilities. Mental and physical health are inexplicably tied at the heart of our community. Utilizing integrative therapies alongside pharmacological interventions has been proven to increase desired outcomes in medical settings. By giving your staff the option to use a sensory room as a non-pharmacological tool during treatment or therapy, you are investing in their success.

Managing Stimulation

In a medical setting, overstimulation is easily achieved. Fluorescent lighting, constant chatter and beeping, not to mention that patients are experiencing their own emotional and psychological challenges in these places can cause undue stress or even trauma. When it gets too much, treatment or therapy becomes ineffective. The patient may shut down or lash out. Sensory rooms offer a way for crises to be deescalated and for patients to regain their autonomy in a safe space. Studies have even shown that the use of these rooms can reduce the need for restraints up to 40%.

Tailored Solutions

Just as each medical facility serves its community in unique ways, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to sensory rooms. A birth center will have different needs than a hospice home or a mental health facility. At its core, our rooms will be calming, but the products and design will need to be customized to fit its visitors. That’s why we don’t only make sensory products, we also design and install entire rooms. This ensures that your patients and staff are getting the most useful space possible for their specific needs.

Our rooms can add a pocket of peace to your medical facility, encouraging positive outcomes and inspiring much-needed calm. Reach out to us today to discuss your options and how we may best support the needs of your staff and patients.  

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